The success story of the Puschkin brand began with the October Revolution in Russia. At the time, many Russian families fled from the new rulers and went to Berlin. One of these families brought with them the traditional recipe from tsarist times, which, over the years, became one of the most successful spirits brands in Germany: Puschkin Vodka.

Puschkin Vodka has been distilled according to this unmodified recipe since 1929.


In the sixties, Puschkin had its first big advertising appearance with the legendary campaign by Vilim Vasata and Charles Wilp, putting its finger firmly on the pulse of the times. The hero of the campaign was Frank S. Thorn – a man who knew how to handle life. Confident, unwavering and always in control of the situation, he travelled from one adventure to the next with the Puschkin bear. The two could be found in all those places no one in the Federal Republic of Germany of the early sixties, the wonderland of economic miracle, yet dared to go. Places where the world became dangerous: the Equator, in the polar ice, but also luxurious bars and glamorous jet-set parties.

The result: very quickly, Puschkin became the most popular vodka in Germany.


The nineties marked the beginning of the pleasure society and Puschkin was part of the party. With whimsical, eccentric TV spots, Puschkin demonstrated how exciting life in the fast lane could be.

With its product range, too, Puschkin entered new terrain: Puschkin Red merged crystal clear Puschkin vodka with the flavour of tart blood orange. A true world first: Puschkin Red was the first vodka variety on the German market.


Puschkin has established itself in the party scene and has become an integral part of nightlife. The party is wherever there is Puschkin.